Guidance on Sustainable Cricket Farming
A practical manual for farmers and inspectors

Published: 12/18/20
Publisher: UN FAO

Yupa Hanboonsong

Entomology Division
Khon Kaen University

Patrick Durst

Former Senior Forestry Officer, FAO

Grow Your Own Crickets

Crickets are a high protein food source that is relatively easy to grow by just about anyone anywhere.

Whether you’re interested in growing crickets at home or setting up a mini-livestock ranch, the FAO just released a super-comprehensive booklet on how to raise crickets sustainably.

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Raising crickets is not terribly hard and can be a lot of fun. It’s a great activity to do with kids.

Crickets offer a real animal protein with all nine essential amino acids. They are a prebiotic fiber (nutrition for probiotics), high in antioxidants, a perfect Omega 3:6 balance, high in B12, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, and more. They are a very bio-available food source.

Setting up a home cricket ranch is not too hard. Many of the items you need for your ranch you may already have around the house. If not, the products you do need to buy are inexpensive. Plus, once your farm is set up, you can be growing crickets for years to come.

Once set up, there aren’t any significant expenses for maintaining your mini-livestock ranch, especially since you can feed your herd with your meal leftovers.

Crickets take only six to eight weeks to mature and be ready to harvest. Females will lay hundreds of eggs during their short life so you can keep your ranch population going for years.

Once you harvest and clean your stock, you can use them fresh, roast them, or make cricket powder.

No surprise, cricket powder is popular. If you haven’t had cricket before, you will be pleasantly surprised at the mild Umami flavor. When used in a dish, the cricket taste is usually unnoticeable other than a slightly earthy taste most people really like.

So consider building a cricket ranch in your home. Adding crickets to your diet is healthy, environmentally friendly, sustainable., and fun.

Tap a few of these to experience the great taste of flavored crickets!

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