Edible crickets for human consumption

Edible Crickets Raised for Human Consumption

Cricket Nutrition Label

Our crickets are not the same crickets you buy at the pet store. Kickers crickets are specifically raised for human consumption.

Our edible crickets are farmed. Farms that raise crickets for people to eat are held to the same standards as any farm raising livestock.

Around the world, edible cricket farms vary in size from small family farms to large semi-automated industrial farms. Raising crickets for food is big business. Especially, since crickets are one of the most common edible insects.

Crickets popularity is due to a few key factors. The two primary reasons are that they are easy to raise and they taste good.

Crickets offer a low-tech business opportunity available to just about anyone anywhere from just about any economic background. They can be raised in large bins which are especially efficient since crickets like to congregate in large groups allowing farmers to raise a lot of crickets in a small space.

The flavor is the other primary reason for their popularity. Crickets have a mild umami flavor that pairs well with many other flavors. A lot of people describe the flavor as nutty and when mixed with other flavors, they say it gives the dish an earthy undertone. Although eating a cricket is a serious mental challenge for many people, once they try them, very few dislike the taste, much to their surprise.

Farming edible crickets creates a lot less pollution and a minute amount of greenhouse gas when compared to many other livestock farms and ranches. They also use a lot less water and land. In fact, crickets can be grown vertically in urban environments. Anything from an old barn to an old warehouse makes for a great cricket farm.

Crickets are also raised humanely and sustainably. They like to congregate and enjoy dark spaces. To harvest, the crickets are put into a cold environment and frozen, similar to winter coming on. Crickets don’t service winter, their eggs do.

To top off their benefits, even their frass (poop) is of value as an effective fertilizer.

So, as you can see, our edible crickets are healthy, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and raised humanely.

Adding crickets to your diet makes sense.